Discovery Call Findings for EduCloudOnepage

Determining Educators with the Right Fit for the EdTech SaaS EduCloudOnepage [ECO] 

In an effort to hire educators for EduCloudOnepage to teach English to Japanese learners, we have to determine the best fit.

In response to an email campaign sent to educators that had registered with any of Accent Language or LokaLingo services, answers were collected from 75 educators since February 12, 2024. 

During the 30-minute discovery call,  a Q&A exchange took place with responses recorded followed by a live demonstration. More discovery calls are being held as we speak. 

Below, we present some interesting discoveries.

This pie chart depicts the top locations of educators by country. The largest segment is "Other," making up 40% of educators. The Philippines and South Africa each account for 18.6%, with the remaining countries such as the USA, Nigeria, and Thailand occupying smaller fractions ranging from 1.4% to 5.7%.

Albania, Rwanda, Hungary, Serbia, Algeria, Guyana, Uruguay, Russia, France, Egypt, Macedonia, Madagascar, Montenegro, Greece, United Kingdom, Philippines, Germany, India, Vietnam, Japan, Spain.

The pie chart shows the gender distribution among educators, with females representing 67.6% and males 32.4%, indicating a higher proportion of female educators.

The pie chart displays the age distribution of educators. The largest group is those in their thirties at 41.1%, followed by educators in their twenties at 27.4%. Those in their fifties represent 13.7%, forties at 12.3%, and the smallest group is educators in their sixties at 5.5%.

The histogram illustrates the varied hourly rates educators charge, predominantly ranging from $5 to $15. The most common rate is slightly above $10, with the median at $12. Rates span from below $5 to above $30, indicating a diverse pricing landscape among educators.

The pie chart shows the monthly teaching hours per student, with most educators (80%) teaching more than 5 hours. Those teaching less than 5 hours make up 13.3%, and a smaller portion (6.7%) teach less than 3 hours.

This pie chart shows the proportions of educators based on the number of students they teach. The largest segment, nearly half, teach more than 20 students. Those teaching fewer than 20, 15, 10, and 5 students make up progressively smaller portions, respectively.

The pie chart indicates that the majority of educators responded positively to the demo, while a significant portion had neutral reactions, and a smaller group expressed negative feedback. Overall, the sentiment towards the demo was more positive than negative.

Having viewed the demo, this pie chart shows that a majority of educators are highly likely to use EduCloudOnepage, with over half rating their likelihood as a 5 out of 5. Smaller percentages rated their likelihood from 1 to 4, indicating varied levels of interest.

After viewing the demo, this pie chart displays educators' predictions about their students' likelihood to use EduCloudOnepage, with a notable share indicating a high likelihood (rating of 5), and the rest of the responses spread fairly evenly across the lower likelihood ratings (1 to 4).

The pie chart reveals educators' monthly subscription price preferences for EduCloudOnepage. It shows varying willingness to pay, with categories ranging from less than $5 to more than $20, highlighting diverse budget considerations among educators for accessing this educational platform.

Below are some other findings of interest.

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) for EduCloudOnepage

  • Teaching Experience: Most educators have more than 5 years of teaching experience. This suggests that the platform should cater to experienced educators who likely have established teaching methods and are looking for ways to enhance their delivery.
  • Certifications: A significant majority of the respondents possess teaching certifications or licenses, indicating that certified educators are a key segment of the target market.
  • LMS Usage: Most educators are already using Learning Management Systems (LMS), highlighting the importance of integrating or complementing existing LMS features to offer additional value.
  • Specializations: There is a diverse range of specializations within English language teaching, including business English, IELTS, and TOEIC. Tailoring features to support these specializations could be a unique selling point.

Main Problems and Solutions

  • Problems: The need for flexibility, more reach, and improved earnings are common themes among educators. Specific challenges were not directly identified from the data provided, but the interest in specializations suggests a need for tools that support tailored teaching approaches.
  • Solutions: EduCloudOnepage can address these needs by offering features that enhance teaching flexibility, expand market reach for educators, and support specialized teaching content. The platform's ability to integrate with or enhance existing LMS usage is also critical.

Currently the beta version of EduCloudOnepage is being tested. Documentation is also being created, with a private community page available for educators. EduCloudOnepage will be available for subscription thereafter.