A Living Textbook

An AI-integrated Learning Management System (LMS) helping busy educators monetise.

Empowering Educators・Engaging Learners

The Problem for Educators with Many Teaching Platforms

Lack of autonomy, flexibility and freedom.

  • Time consuming for educators to set up and use from lesson to lesson. Creating new profiles on multiple platforms, creating videos, developing courses and curriculums following strict platform guidelines dissuade educators from starting. 
  • Costly for educators as some platforms take as much as 30 percent from each and every lesson.
  • Inflexible platforms inhibit educators to market and grow their service. They may compete on price and ratings but still find it too competitive to stand out among similar educators on the same platform.
  • Ineffective or non-existent education tools slow down learning progress.

Why EduCloudOnepage・ECO is the better solution for educators.

Giving back educators their autonomy, flexibility and freedom.

  • Using ECO saves time by creating 1 profile and simply embedding ECO URLs into many social media channels, landing pages and websites to grow. Use default Learner progress settings and ratings to quickly and easily start and finish Zoom integrated lessons. Ideal for non-experienced educators.
  • ECO is very affordable. Starting with a 100-dollar annual subscription to use all of ECO’s features with 1 Educator seat and 5 Learner seats, educators can quickly gain economies of scale.
  • ECO's flexibility allows private educators or schools to exponentially grow their user-base. Create pricing strategies based on a unique selling proposition, skills, experience, and market demands. The integrated reward points system incentivise users to continue using ECO and refer it to other users.
  • The ECO AI-integrated Living Textbook and its 4 pillars; coaching conversations, SMART goals, Pareto Charts and spaced repetition accelerates learning and creates a pleasurable education experience for both educators and learners.

The ECO cloud software is used to educate smart people at micro and giant companies.

ECO・Minimum Viable Product

Accumulated since 2014

ECO is for busy educators or learners who teach or coach in-person or online, privately or as education entrepreneurs.

Here are some typical use cases.

As a language teacher.

She teaches language to private students online or in-person at their homes, cafe or office. She may even travel to many countries to teach using the same ECO platform.

As a tutor.

She teaches various subjects online to students, one-to-one or in small groups across the globe.

As a coach.

She uses ECO to coach in-person and online working from home or at her client's location of choice in-person.

EduCloudOnepage・ECO is Software as a Service (SaaS) operated on devices with web browsers.

Here is how it works.


Sign up as an Admin user. Enable PayPal and Zoho. 

Create session subscriptions and pricing.


Embed the URLs into your favourite social media or website for Educators and Learners to register. 

Learners purchase and book their sessions online.


Educators and learners use the living textbook and co-create learning journeys with engaging SMART goals and agile results in-person or via Zoom online.