Ryan Ahamer · Founder

Educational Services & Education Technology
Experience: 20+ years

Prashant Mishra · Lead Developer

Experience: 14+ years

Ryan been teaching and coaching in Japan since 2002. He started working for the largest English conversation school, NOVA, when he first arrived. He started his own school in 2008, giving learners what they could not get from large schools. He succeeded in establishing his own educational services business which he currently operates today, https://accent-language.com/.

What he learned in the past 22 years is that educators with the autonomy, flexibility and freedom can create their own pricing strategies based on their unique selling proposition, skills, experience and market demands. A win-win for both educators and learners.

This is why LokaLingo is offering educators the Software as a Service (SaaS) which Ryan and Prashant have been developing and using at Accent Language since 2014.

Unlike many other platforms, EduCloudOnepage・ECO not only gives educators autonomy, flexibility and freedom but also accelerates learning with its AI-integrated tools.